Microscopy and Imaging Center

University of Mississippi

SEM User Policy

The Microscopy and Imaging Center (MIC), also known as SEM Core, is a shared facility available to all students and researchers at UM, as well as, external users. Presently, the Core provides Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) imaging and microanalysis services through a JEOL JSM-7200FLV Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope.

  • All users are treated with equal respect and all types of samples are given equal importance.
  • All new users must complete the online registration form and provide the required details such as user information, sample details, account number, etc.
  • In order to gain access to the SEM lab, all UM users must have completed radiological safety training for radiation generating devices provided by Laboratory Services (https://safety.olemiss.edu/). Successful completion of annual retraining exam, administered by the Lab Services online through Blackboard, is required for continued authorization.
  • All users must follow lab safety protocols. No food or drink is allowed in the facility at any time.
  • Please do not change the instrument settings and never attempt to fix any equipment problems. In case of any problems, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Users are responsible for their own data. Data and images should be transferred from the computer to portable media promptly.
  • Do not download/install/upload any programs of files onto MIC computers. Do not delete/remove any data or images from the MIC computers.
  • Following each SEM session, the lab should be vacated promptly to allow other users to use the facility. The lab and equipment should be clean, operational and in the standard configuration. Time required for clean up after a user and the time needed to correct any problems due to changes made in the configuration by a user may be billed to the user.
  • Repair and opportunity costs for damage to instruments by the users may be billed to the Principal Investigator.
  • Normal operating business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Approval for after-hours use is restricted to experienced users who have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency and independence on SEM, and is at the discretion of the staff. At least 10 imaging sessions are required prior to consideration for granting of after-hours privileges.


  • A reservation is required for Core services. Infinity scheduling system developed by Idea Elan is used for SEM reservations. Please register or log-in at https://secure12.ideaelan.com/secure/Public/AppLogin.aspx to request for services and to create and manage SEM reservations. Authentication using your Ole Miss web ID and password is required.
  • Users can only reserve for their own use and not for someone else. Users who scheduled will be billed for the service used.


  • All cancellation requests must be made 24 hours in advance and must be cancelled through the online scheduling system. Verbal cancellations may be made, but you must submit your cancellation online as well to avoid being charged for the time. Failure to cancel your reservation online in a timely manner will result in being fully charged for the time reserved.


  • SEM training is performed by MIC staff. Users must follow all instructions of the MIC staff.
  • Any user who would like to operate the instrument independently must first complete a minimum of 4 hours (6 hours if EDS is included) initial training on the sample preparation and SEM operation. Multiple training sessions may be required. Core director will decide who is eligible to use the SEM independently.
  • A refresher training is required if users have not used the SEM for more than 6 months.


  • Investigators are required to recognize the role of the MIC in producing data for publication in the acknowledgement section of the manuscript. We ask that the authors submit a copy of the bibliographic reference or a PDF of the publication for our records. Requested MIC acknowledgement: “Scanning Electron Microscopy images presented in this work were generated using the instruments and services at the Microscopy and Imaging Center, The University of Mississippi. This facility is supported in part by grant 1726880, National Science Foundation.”
  • Co-authorship is appreciated and may be requested in the following instances: significant intellectual contribution to experimental design, analysis and/or interpretation of data, and preparation of data for the purpose of publication.
  • It is also expected that users will let the MIC staff know if the data obtained with the SEM is used in grant applications.

Education and Outreach

  • The SEM Core supports education and training of students at various levels. The advanced SEM is incorporated into many undergraduate and graduate courses. Theory and/or hands-on practical sessions for student groups (limit of 4 students per session) are available.
  • The Core supports STEM education and encourages participation from various K-12 schools and community colleges. The Core collaborates with the students and teachers from the schools and colleges in the region and provides them access to the state-of-the-art instrument. This enables young students – the future scientists – to gain early access to modern instruments and develop interest in STEM fields.
  • Please contact the Core staff to discuss collaborative projects / education opportunities for students.

Scheduling a Tour

  • The Core staff host a number of science tours to the SEM facility and provide demonstration on various aspects of the instrument to interested users, including K-12 students, teachers, college students, and faculties. Please contact us for additional information or to schedule a tour.