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Favorite Memories

While a lot of knowledge was acquired in school, so were some great memories. The school's graduates shared some of their favorite ones.

Thank a Mentor

The Beatles sang that we "get by with a little help from my friends," but sometimes you need a mentor. The 2020 graduates offer thanks to their supporters.

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Faculty and staff at the School of Pharmacy offer their words of congratulations to the graduates. Now you can do the same.

Where to Next?

It's a tradition at Ole Miss Pharmacy for the Doctor of Pharmacy graduates to place a pin on a map that represents their next anticipated destination.

The tradition continues virtually on the Google Map.

Kasey Pearson

Student pharmacist and Amory native crowned Mississippi’s Miss Hospitality

Austin and Blake Freeman

Brothers and pharmacy graduates follow in their parents' footsteps

2020 Ole Miss Pharmacy Graduates

Hallie Austin + Taylor Gannon * Michael Kelley Eric Pham + Leedell Tripp
Saleh Aydha Jennifer Garris ^ Kristen Kennedy * Halle Phillips * Ryan Vathy +
Ryan Ball Taylor Gatwood ^ Courtney Ladner Margaret Phillips + Emma Virden
Hannah Barry Ana Gilbert Boone Leetran Shay Pichon Alex Waldron
Bridget Betts + Julia Goudeau Hayden Lovelace Abby Pitts + Charles Weeks +
Blake Burnett Sage Graham Licamied Macklin + Lauren Pitts ^ Erin Welford +
Anna Katherine Burress Sara Green ^ Michaela MacLain Carley Puckett * Mikiyala Wells
Madison Buzicky Sierra Greiner + Blake Mancuso Lauren Puzz + Kaci White
Chadwick Cabanero Maddie Griffin ^ Whitney McMurrey Anna Rebich Elizabeth Williams
Alexcia Carr ^ Gabby Hartman * Ann Meagher + Ethan Robinson *  
Kameron Chow Mallory Harvel Garrett Meggs Kaci Robinson ^  
Jessha Circulado Hannah Harvey + Will Moffett * Cory Rogers  
Summer Curry + Hayden Hawkins Meg Moore + Keely Russell ^  
Payton Dennis + Abby Hedpeth + Umber Muhammad-Olstad + Sam Saizan  
Hayley Dodson Jacob Holland + John Mulkey + Cameron Sanders  
Connor Dowling Sydney Holton + Magdalyn Murphy Elyse Smith *  
Kaitlyn Dye Kallie Hopson Lam Nguyen Carlie Stanford  
Dylan Edwards Helen Hua Thien Nguyen Megan Stine *  
Christina Epps + Kelsi Jamison * Scott Null + Madden Stockstill +  
Madison Everhart + Ladarious Johnson Kamryn Otts ^ Lindsey Stout  
Olivia Fairley Melody Johnson Erica Padgett Hunter Swindle  
Anika Faruque * Avery Claire Jones * Dilankumar Patel Natalie Taylor  
Alex Ferguson Taylor Jordan ^ Neil Patel Victoria Thomas  
Katelynn Franklin + Logan Jorns Radhikaben Patel Allison Tingle  
Blake Freeman ^ Kyle Kantor + Kasey Pearson + Hoa Tran  

*Summa Cum Laude | ^Magna Cum Laude | + Cum Laude

Mallory Ashmore ^ Alex Fan + Elena Hubbard Lana Pickett + Ross Trautman +
Riley Baggett Trevor Farmer Robert Jennings Moxey Polles + Chau Truong ^
Amy Catherine Baggett ^ Ruiqi Feng + Raymond Jourdan Katherine Raines + Hunter Vanderburg ^
Ragen Barnes + Brianca Fizer + Joel Kennedy ^ Alyssa Reid James Vanderburg +
Lydia Beard + Gary Freeman + Christian Kirk Mary Reagan Richardson ^ Adele Venable ^
Jordan Benvenutti + Karmen Garey Jessica Lariccia Amber Roach + Casey Venable *
Gideon Berdahl + Stephen Gieger Steven Le + Rebecca Robinson Mafie Vickers +
Kayla Bourgeois Victoria Goodman Matthew Lee Aaron Rose Amber Nicole Vu
Michael Bullock Emily Gravlee ^ Taylor Long * Amanda Seals ^ Lewis Waits +
Mariah Cole + Madison Gray * Eric Mayfield James Sharp Emily Ware *
Jacob Coomes + Olivia Griffis + Sarah Medeiros + Sally Sikes + Molly Warren +
April Cozart William Gust ^ Ashley Miller ^ Taylor Sivils Andrea Washington +
Alexandra Craig ^ George Haines Victoria Miller ^ Mallory Slay Olivia Washington
Kera Crawford ^ Henry Harris Kayla Monsour Blake Smith * Joseph Whitfield +
Sterling Crenshaw ^ Mikhayla Harris + Sucheta Naidu Yujing Steenwyk * Kyle Wilson
Anna Crider * Derrell Hart + Kayla Nguyen + Jamie Stone + Madeline Wolters *
Sidney D'Amico ^ Leeanna Hodges Alisha Nicks + Taylor Tanner Joanna Wu
Hayley Davis + Amanda Honeycutt Taylor Odom Fredrick Taylor Wendy Zheng +
Kailey Denny ^ Erin Houry * Grace Orman + Anna Touchstone Daniel Zhu
Lauryn Easley John Howell + Britney Owens + Tina Tran  

*Summa Cum Laude | ^Magna Cum Laude | + Cum Laude

BioMolecular Sciences

December 2019 Graduates

Sweta Adhikari, M.S. 

Major: Medicinal Chemistry

Title of Thesis: Synthesis of Regioselective Fluorinated Heterocycles

Thesis Director: Sudeshna Roy

Ann Fairly Barnett, M.S. 

Major: Environmental Toxicology

Title of Thesis: The Independent and Combined Effects of Hypoxia and Tributyltin on the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica

Thesis Director: Deborah Gochfeld

Jawaher Alkhamisy, M.S.

Major: Pharmacognosy

Title of Thesis: Role of Cardiolipin Remodeling in the Malignant Progression of Breast Cancer 

Thesis Director: Dale Nagle

James Gledhill, M.S. 

Major: Environmental Toxicology

Title of Thesis: The Effects of Hypoxia and Freshwater Intrusion on the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea 

Thesis Director: Kristine Willett

May 2019 Graduates

Amna Adam, Ph.D.

Major: Medicinal Chemistry

Title of Thesis: Application of Fluorinated Reagents in Synthesis and Drug Discovery

Thesis Director: David A. Colby

Disha Prabhu, Ph.D.

Major: Pharmacology

Title of Thesis: Astrocytic Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptor and Regulation of Astrocyte Structure and Function

Thesis Director: Nicole Ashpole

Erik Hodges, Ph.D.

Major: Pharmacology

Title of Thesis: Behavioral Chronopharmacology of Cannabinoids in Young and Aged Mice 

Thesis Director: Nicole Ashpole

Thanh-Thanh Claire Tran, Ph.D.

Major: Pharmacognosy

Title of Thesis: Biological Evaluation of Maasia glauca (Hassk.) Mols, Kessler & Rogstad

Thesis Director: Ikhlas Khan

Taghreed Majrashi, Ph.D.

Major: Pharmacognosy

Title of Thesis: Chemical and Biological Evaluations of Asimina triloba and Rollinia mucosa 

Thesis Director: Ikhlas Khan

William Vignovich, M.S.

Major: Pharmacognosy

Title of Thesis: Structural and Interacting Properties of Sulfated Carbohydrates by NMR

Thesis Director: Vitor Pomin

Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

Abdulmajeed Althobaiti, M.S. 

Title of Thesis: Formulation Development of Curcumin-PiperineSolid Dispersion via Hot-Melt Extrusion to Enhance Solubility and Bioavailability of Curcumin

Thesis Director: Michael A. Repka

Akash Patil, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Novel Ophthalmic Formulations for Improved Natamycin Delivery in Fungal Infections of the eye

Ph.D. Director: Soumyajit Majumdar

Mohammed Alyahya, M.S. 

Title of Thesis: Lidocaine Mucoadhesive Film Fabrication Using Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printer

Thesis Director: Michael A. Repka

Anitha Police, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Approaches to Alleviate the Vigabatrin Induced Retinal Toxicity

Ph.D. Director: S. N. Murthy

Fischer Austin, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Hot Melt Extrusion Paired Fused Deposition Modelling 3D Printing of Orodispersible Films of Chlorpheniramine Maleate

Thesis Director: Michael A. Repka

Reshma Sarkar, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Development and Characterization of Amphotericin B Formulation for Topical Ophthalmic Application

Thesis Director: Soumyajit Majumdar

Chuntian Cai, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Design and Development of an Ophthalmic Nanoemulsion Topical Formulation for Corneal Wound Healing

Thesis Director: Soumyajit Majumdar

Purnendu Sharma, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Impact of Quality Attributes of Topical Products on Their Performance

Ph.D. Director: S. N. Murthy

Lu Dai, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Unraveling Anticancer Activity and Pharmacokinetics of Dihydroartemisinin Dimer Oxime

Thesis Director: Chalet Tan

Vijay Kumar Shankar, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Effect of Sulfobutyl Ether 6-Cyclodextrins on Oral and Dermal Pharmacokinetics of Drugs

Ph.D. Director: S. N. Murthy

Sanjana Durve, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Development and Characterization of Baicalin Formulations for Topical Ophthalmic Application

Thesis Director: Soumyajit Majumdar

Abhishek Shettar, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Development of Topical Oil/PEG creams of Voriconazole

Thesis Director: S. N. Murthy

Venkataraman Kallakunta, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: A Novel Dimension of Twin-Screw Technology for Controlled Release and Solubility Enhancement: Study on Effect of Formulation and Process Parameters

Ph.D. Director: Michael A. Repka

Corinne Sweeney, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Development of an ophthalmic nanoemulsion containing Δ⁹-Tetrahydrocannabinol-Valine-Hemisuccinate (THC-VHS; NB1111) for management of glaucoma

Ph.D. Director:  Soumyajit Majumdar

Rama Kashikar, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Formulation and Characterization  of Fingolimod HydrochlorideNanoemulsion

Thesis Director: Soumyajit Majumdar

Honghe Wang, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Fabrication of taste masked tablets via fused deposition modeling 3D Printing Paired with Hot-Melt Extrusion Techniques

Thesis Director: Michael A. Repka

Sung-Chi Lee, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Fabrication of shell-core Delayed Release Tablet using Dual Nozzle Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing Techniques

Thesis Director: Michael A. Repka

Ahmed Youssef, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Dual Drug loaded Lipid Nano Carrier Systems for Topical Ocular Applications

Thesis Director: Soumyajit Majumdar

Derick Muhindo, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Continuous Production of Raloxifene Hydrochloride Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Using Hot-Melt Extrusion Technology

Thesis Director: Michael A. Repka

Peilun Zhang, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Approaches to Develop Acyclovir Gastro-Retentive Formulations using Hot Melt Extrusion Technology

Thesis Director: Michael A. Repka

Sundus Omari, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Formulation Development of Loratadine Immediate-Release Tablets using Hot Melt Extrusion coupled with 3D Printing Technology

Thesis Director: Michael A. Repka 


Ziru Zhang, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Development of a Liposomal Formulation for Brain Targeting

Thesis Director: Chalet Tan

Pharmacy Administration

Kaustuv Bhattacharya, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Multiple Myeloma - Treatment, Cost, and End of Life Care

Thesis Director: Yi Yang

Sonam Nair, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Facilitators and Barriers to biosimilar adoption: A systematic review of the global stakeholder perspective

Thesis Director: Sujith Ramachandran

Chukwuebuka Dibie, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Patient Treatment Priorities and Patient Centered Care in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Thesis Director: John Bentley and Marie Barnard

Wesley Patrick Sparkmon, M.S.

Title of Thesis: Predictors of Pharmacists’ Comfort Level with Certified and Trained Technicians Performing Higher-Level Functions

Thesis Director: Erin Holmes

Ian Freeman, M.S.

Title of Thesis: The Associations Between Patient Characteristics and Use of Statin and Metformin among Elderly Women with Breast Cancer and Diabetes

Thesis Director: Yi Yang

Manasi Suryavanshi, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Treatment Patterns, Clinical and Economic Outcomes Associated with Intravenous Immunoglobulin Use in Medicare Population

Thesis Director: Yi Yang

Sushmitha Inguva, Ph.D.

Title of Thesis: Sleep and health-related quality of life among patients and caregivers in Parkinson’s Disease

Thesis Director: Marie Barnard and John Bentley