Winter GlyCORE Symposium

The Glycoscience Center of Research Excellence hosts an annual Winter GlyCORE Symposium.  The program features presentations from Research Core directors and Junior Investigators as a means to highlight current funded science, and the capabilities of GlyCORE's three Research Cores.  The Symposium presents an opportunity for the External Advisory Committee to meet with all researchers involved in GlyCORE, to assess the progress of funded research, receive updates on activities, and gauge the impact of GlyCORE on the research community.

In addition to the presentations, and open to all members of the research community interested in glycoscience, GlyCORE hosts a poster session.

The 2021 Winter GlyCORE Symposium and Poster sessions were a success, and we'd like to thank all who participated.  The date for the 2022 Symposium will be announced immediately following the 2022 Mid-South Glycoscience Meeting scheduled for June 16, 2022.