Project 1- Dr. Cole Stevens

Photo of Cole Stevens Project Group

Project Description:

Our research explores the impact of shared chemical space, exogenous signals/elicitors, and membrane features of prey bacteria on myxobacterial specialized metabolism. Investigating the perceptiveness of predatory myxobacteria when exposed to these environmental variables, we hope to not just discover natural products but also the regulatory mechanisms that might prevent their production during typical, axenic cultivation conditions. Myxobacteria package and secrete outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) loaded with lytic enzymes and active metabolites. Using a combination of proteomics and metabolomics, this GlyCORE project explores how these OMV contents and the resulting activities might change when producing myxobacteria are exposed to prey LPS.

(NIGMS: 1P20GM130460 sub-project ID: 7934)

Contact Information:

Cole Stevens


List of Associated Personnel:

Andrew Ahearne (Graduate Student)
Hanan Albataineh (Graduate Student)
Kayleigh Phillips (Graduate Student)