GlyCORE Seminar Series

To aid in the establishment and development of a community of GlyCORE-affiliated researchers, as well as researchers with potential future interests or intersections with glycoscience, GlyCORE will hold scientific meetings every fourth week. The meetings will bring together researchers with sustained interests in questions of glycoscience to share research experiences, foster community and promote collaboration.

These scientific meetings, lasting approximately one hour, will allow GlyCORE the opportunity to highlight local glycoscience research and display the capabilities of the Research Cores. Each session will focus on presentations by GlyCORE trainees. The first presentation will highlight current research within GlyCORE. The second will be a presentation of an impactful literature article published recently in the field, by an author outside of GlyCORE. Both presentations will be followed by a short discussion.

Presentations will be held in the Thad Cochran Research Center, Room 1044 at 2:00 p.m., Central Time, and will be available via Zoom.  For further information, or to request the Zoom link, email: Karin King BalleringIf you require special assistance relating to a disability, please contact Karin King Ballering, 915-5153,, at least four days before the event. 

2022 Fall Semester Presentations:

2:00 p.m. 
Photo of Dr. Jennifer KohlerDr. Jennifer Kohler, Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX
"Intestinal fucose, in sickness and in health"
2:00 p.m.

Research Presentation: Ashpole Lab - Nicole Ashpole and Miguel de Leon, " RAGEing Confusion about AGE/RAGE Signaling in Adulthood"

Literature Presentation: Pomin Lab - Marwa Farrag
Qinying Li, Chao Cai, Yaoguang Chang, Fuming Zhang, Robert J. Linhardt, Changhu Xue, Guoyun Li, Guangli Yu, A novel structural fucosylated chondroitin sulfate from Holothuria Mexicana and its effects on growth factors binding and anticoagulation,
Carbohydrate Polymers, Volume 181, 2018, Pages 1160-1168, ISSN 0144-8617,
2:00 p.m.
Research Presentation:  Werfel Lab - Micaela Shields, " Dual-Responsive Glycopolymers for Intracellular Co-Delivery of  Antigen and Lipophilic Adjuvants," 

Literature Presentation: Pomin Lab - Dr. Antim Maurya,
Yan Ma, Na Gao, Zhichuang Zuo, Shanni Li, Wenqi Zheng, Xiang Shi, Qipei Liu, Ting Ma, Ronghua Yin, Xian Li, Jinhua Zhao, Five distinct fucan sulfates from sea cucumber Pattalus mollis: Purification, structural characterization and anticoagulant activities,
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Volume 186, 2021, Pages 535-543, ISSN 0141-8130,