Project 2- Dr. David Colby

Project Description:

Glycosylated natural products are widespread in nature and have secured a prominent role in the discovery of new treatments for diseases in humans. Unfortunately, many promising compounds are rapidly deglycosylated following administration which limits their potential translation during drug development. The incorporation of the fluorine atom on organic molecules is a discovery strategy that is used to enhance biological activity and reduce metabolism. This project aims to create strategies to build novel fluorinated glycosides that are resistant to hydrolysis, thus opening new avenues in glycoscience and drug discovery.


Photo of David Colby

Contact Information:

David A. Colby

List of Associated Personnel:

Reem Alkhodier (Graduate Student)
Maali Alshammari (Graduate Student)
Amena Begum (Graduate Student)
Baharul Islam (Graduate Student)
Meshal A. Alghamdi (Graduate Student)
Katie Kreusel (Pharmacy Student)

Colby Lab Group Photo