Programs Archive 9.4.2018

The CORE-NPN has goals to achieve for the followng programs throughout the year: Community Outreach, Summer Undergraduate Internships, Distinguished Lectureships, and Natural Products Neuroscience Fellows. Their goals are to cohesively combine their individual efforts in order to promote information about their programs and their continued work in the specific field of scientific study and research.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program:

The goal of the Summer Undergraduate Internship Program is to promote and enhance the training environment of the center.  The program provides students with the opportunity to participate in the ongoing research of faculty within the CORE-NPN. A variety of experiences in medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmaceutics and psychology will be available.

For more information please click here: Summer Undergraduate Research Program

For the application, click here: 2017 Application Summer Undergraduate Research Program 

Community Outreach Program:

Comprised of an informal panel discussion that is organized to foster interactions and facilitate the exchange of information between the lay public and basic and clinical scientists.

Distinguished Lectureship Program:

Hosts distinguished scientists for seminars at the university.

Natural Products Neuroscience Assistantship:

The goal is to facilitate the recruitment of top graduate students to Mississippi and form a nucleus of trainees in natural products neuroscience. The CORE-NPN provides a stipend supplements to meritorious graduate students who conduct research at the interface of natural products and neuroscience.