COBRE Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides overall administrative and fiscal support and intellectual oversight for the CORE-NPN activities.  This includes providing monthly budget reports for the Research Core Directors and Pilot Project PIs, preparing the annual Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR and SIRS), organizing the Steering Committee and External Advisory Council meetings, managing and resolving conflicts, providing a rigorous Mentoring and Education Program for the junior investigators and other faculty members (including career development, grant workshops, etc.), coordinating the Distinguished Lecture Program, Ignite-COBRE-Talks, Annual CORE-NPN Symposium, supporting Intellectual Property Development for all the COBRE faculty members, and supporting the Pilot Project Program to ensure the development of novel areas of basic, translational, and entrepreneurial research. The Administrative Core also coordinates the Voucher program.

Dr. Soumyajit Majumdar Director
Dr. Samir Ross Project Coordinator
Dr. Kenneth J. Sufka Project Coordinator & Consultant – Neuropharmacology Core
Dr. Marie Barnard Consultant – Evaluation
Dr. John P. Bentley Consultant – Statistician