Department of BioMolecular Sciences

The University of Mississippi

Erik Hodges

Posted on: July 28th, 2017 by dnoonan
Research Assistant - Pharmacology
Faser 319

Research Advisor – Dr. Nicole Ashpole

Erik Hodges was born and raised in Oklahoma. He attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU) in Alva, Oklahoma where he received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Jason Wickham. Upon graduating from NWOSU, he attended the University of Oklahoma – Health Sciences Center to study the molecular and behavioral effects of aging. After receiving a Master’s degree in Neuroscience, Erik took a break from science to pursue his passion for cooking. 

Erik is currently a PhD candidate in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program at Ole Miss. He is insatiably curious about neuroscience and strives to synthesize knowledge from numerous fields to improve the way our brains function. In addition to his research, Erik serves as President of the Department of BioMolecular Sciences Graduate Student Advocacy Council – which works to enhance the professional development of graduate students.

When he is not in the lab, Erik spends his time playing guitar, cooking, and growing vegetables in his aquaponics garden.