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Department of BioMolecular Sciences

Fall 2020 Graduate Student and External Speaker Seminar Series

All graduate seminars and external speakers will be offered via Zoom on Tuesdays at 11am and Fridays at 2pm.  If you would like an invitation to a talk, please let Dr. Zia Shariat-Madar know at

Thanks for your understanding.

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Speaker Title Date
Dr. Rehana Leak
Associate Professor
School of Pharmacy
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Duquesne University
Guest Speaker
Biological Sex Modifies the Impact of Alpha-Synucleinopathy August 25, Tuesday
Dr. Ziaeddin Shariat-Madar Introduction: Syllabus September 1, Thursday
AyoOluwa Aderibigbe Computational studies on antagonists of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor September 8, Tuesday
Salahuddin Mohammed
Identification of neurological outcomes of polysubstance use in C57BL/6J mice September 11, Friday
Barbara Adaikpoh Response of Myxobacteria to Plant-related Chemosignals suggests Their Roles in the Rhizobiome September 15, Tuesday
Zhi (Selina) Cheng
Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Induced IgM Impact on Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) September 18, Friday
Mohammad Hawwal Isolation of Marker Compounds from Copaiba Essential Oil and Mimosa pigra for Quality Evaluation of Dietary Supplements September 22, Tuesday
Alaa Qrareya
Nimodipine as a potential behavior therapy in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis September 25, Friday
Niloofar Abolhasani Khaje Toward a New Method of Determining Protein Structure September 29, Tuesday
Dr. Peter Serrano
Associate Professor

City University of New York/Hunter College
Guest Speaker
Role of PKMzeta, AMPAr & PSD95 in traumatic memory formation across the lifespan October 1, Thursday
Md Imdadul Huque Khan
Development of IDO1 PROTAC as Colorectal Cancer Immunotherapeutic October 2,
Hao Liu Chemical derivatization coupled with the multi-dimensional HPLC fractionation method for functional heparin/heparan sulfate oligosaccharide characterization October 6, Tuesday
Tomayo Berida
Discovery of selective inhibitors of PSAT1 for the treatment of
estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer
October 9,
Nicholas Akins Design and Synthesis of Salvinorin-based Compounds for Opioid Receptors October 13, Tuesday
Professor Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
Professor Emeritus, Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
Guest Speaker
Joseph Sam Distinguished Alumni Lecture
Lipase-Catalyzed Kinetic Resolution of Racemates: A Versatile Method in Chiral Separation and Its Impact on Drug Development October 19, Monday
Reem Alkhodier Developing Organic Molecules for Medicinal Chemistry October 20, Tuesday
AyoOluwa Aderibigbe
Prospectus Defense
Computational studies on antagonists of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor October 22, Thursday
Alysia Gonzales
Characterization of the biosynthetic pathways of unique and defined sulfated carbohydrates found in Lytechinus variegatus and Saccharina japonica October 23,
Amber Kennon RAGE signaling differentially impacts Smooth Muscle Cell and Fibroblast cellular responses October 27, Tuesday
Amelia Clayshulte Tracking Chemical Ecological Outcomes to Differences in Environment in Caribbean Sponges November 5, Friday
Amelia Craze Variation in PM2.5 Filter Extraction Methods for Toxicology Research November 10, Tuesday
Mohammed Ahmed Non-conventional functions of bacterial siderophores November 17, Tuesday