Department of BioMolecular Sciences

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Department of BioMolecular Sciences

Fall 2019 Graduate Student and External Speaker Seminar Series

All Seminars located in TCRC 2066

 Tuesdays at 11 am

(Titles will be posted as they become available. Changes are noted in red.)






Speaker Title Date
Dr. Paul Boudreau
University of Mississippi
Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy
Guest Speaker
Mass Spectrometry Based Approaches in Pharmacognosy August 27, Tuesday
Claire Tran Exploring Anticancer Potential of Plant Extracts Belonging to Annonaceae Family September 3,
TBD TBD September 10,
Hanan Albataineh
TBD September 13, Friday
2:00 pm
TCRC 1044
Dr. Courtney Roper
University of Mississippi
Assistant Professor of Environmental Toxicology
Guest Speaker
Characterizing Air Pollution Using Interdisciplinary Methods September 17, Tuesday
Stephanie Burr
TBD September 20, Friday
2:00 pm
TCRC 1044
Joseph Sam Distinguished Lecture
Dr. Maria Alvim Gaston
Principal Research Scientist
 Eli Lily & Company
TBD September 23, Monday
11:00 am
AyoOluwa Aderbigbe Computational search for antagonists of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor September 24, Tuesday
Barbara Adaikpoh Archangium sp. Cb G35 perceives and responds to environmental chemical signals October 1, Tuesday
Nick Akins
TBD October 4, Friday
2:00 pm
TCRC 1044
Niloofar Abolhasani Khaje Progress in the development of a HILIC LC-MS method for analyzing HRFP-FPOP samples October 8, Tuesday
Coy Waller Lecture
Dr. Laura M. Bohn
Scripps Research Institute
Department of Molecular Medicine
Refining opioid receptor signaling to improve therapeutic potential October 11, Friday
11:00 am
The Ford Center
Shukria Akbar Prey-associated quorum signals impact specialized metabolism and predatory features of predatory myxobacterium Cystobacter ferrugineus Cbfe23 October 15, Tuesday
Environmental Toxicology Research Program Distinguished Lecture
Dr. Daniel Schlenk
Professor, Aquatic Ecotoxicology
 University of California, Riverside
Use of RNA sequencing to identify novel mechanisms of oil toxicity in larval fish October 18, Friday
11:00 am
Hao Liu Chemical derivatization coupled with the multi-dimensional fractionation method for functional heparin/heparan sulfate oligosaccharide characterization
October 22, Tuesday
Stephanie Burr The impact of AGE/RAGE signaling on diabetic and non-diabetic cardiac fibroblast function October 29, Tuesday
Amelia Clayshulte Diversity in Sponge Chemical Defenses Across the Caribbean November 5, Tuesday
Amber Kennon Role of RAGE Signaling in Diabetes-mediated Vascular Calcification November 12, Tuesday
Erik Hodges Behavioral Chronopharmacology of Cannabinoids in Young and Aged Mice November 19, Tuesday
No Seminar No Seminar November 26, Tuesday
Disha Prabu Effect of astrocytic insulin-like growth factor receptor deficiency on rodent behavior December 3, Tuesday
Amna Adam Towards the Synthesis of Uniquely Fluorinated Compounds December 10, Tuesday
2:30 pm
TCRC 1044