School of Pharmacy
The University of Mississippi

Dr. Hoang V. Le

Posted on: August 29th, 2016 by trippsop
Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Faser Hall 419


  • Ph.D. Cornell University
  • B.S. University of California, Berkeley


  • Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
  • Research Assistant Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Career Highlights:

Dr. Hoang Le graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.S. degree in chemistry in 2008. While at Berkeley, he worked in the laboratory of Professor Kenneth Raymond, studying supramolecular chemistry, synthesizing dicationic linkers, and investigating their stability in supramolecular systems. In 2013, he graduated from Cornell University with a Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry under the guidance of Professor Bruce Ganem. His graduate work expanded the scope of multicomponent reaction (MCR) chemistry by improving known synthetically useful MCRs and developing new MCRs. Dr. Le then held a postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Professor Richard Silverman at Northwestern University. His postdoctoral research led to the discovery and development of many inhibitors of GABA aminotransferase, human ornithine aminotransferase, and Toxoplasma gondii ornithine aminotransferase. He is a co-inventor of the drug candidate OV329, which has been licensed to Ovid Therapeutics for preclinical and clinical studies to treat seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex and infantile spasms. In 2016, he started his independent research career as an Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the Department of BioMolecular Sciences at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy.

Honors and Awards:

2021: P2 Teaching Team of the Year Award (Team Member), UM School of Pharmacy

2020: P1 Teaching Team of the Year Award (Team Leader), UM School of Pharmacy

2018: New Investigator Award, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

2010–2012: NIH Chemistry/Biology Interface Training Grant Award


Dr. Le is a synthetic medicinal chemist. The research in his lab is inspired by natural products and aims to discover and develop novel biologically relevant but synthetically challenging natural product derivatives for the treatment of cancers, infectious diseases, and neurological disorders. Because natural products are synthesized by living organisms, they are naturally optimized for various biological functions, such as binding to specific biomolecules or target proteins. Natural products possess a tremendous structural and unique chemical diversity and continue to provide an unmatched source of new therapeutic agents and chemical scaffolds for drug discovery. Dr. Le’s lab uses organic synthesis and computational modeling as primary tools to design and synthesize potential therapeutic agents and collaborates with other research groups to evaluate their biological activities and investigate their molecular mechanisms of action. When necessary, his lab will develop novel methodologies to form strategic bonds to provide easy access to libraries of important scaffolds for biological activity screening. These newly synthesized compounds can also be used as chemical tools to study and expose new areas of biology. Details on research projects in the laboratory of Dr. Le and a list of his publications can be found on his lab’s website.