Financial Aid for Professional Pharmacy Program Students

Students in the School of Pharmacy are eligible for various forms of financial aid that are available to all University of Mississippi students.  School of Pharmacy students are urged to consult the UM Financial Aid website for information regarding these various sources.

In addition, the School of Pharmacy provides financial aid in the form of scholarships and loans.  In addition to loans available from school resources, loans for pharmacy students are also available from the National Community Pharmacists Association (restricted to student members), the American Pharmaceutical Association, and the Mississippi Pharmacists Association.

Students interested in applying for School of Pharmacy emergency loans are instructed to see the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs for further information.  These emergency loans are due in full 12 months after the applicant’s date of graduation from the Professional Pharmacy Program.  The payback for loans to students in the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program will be 12 months after the applicant’s date of graduation unless the student is pursuing another degree, i.e. Pharm.D. or graduate degree from this institution.  In the latter case, the loan would be due in full 12 months after the graduation from the advanced degree program.  The interest rate is 8 percent on all loans and will be calculated on the date the loan was made.  Interest will be forgiven on any portion of a loan that is paid on or before the due date.  The school will process loan applications up to $1000/semester.  Additional considerations will be given for extenuating circumstances.

In addition to University scholarships, the School of Pharmacy has scholarships that are distributed primarily on the basis of academic performance while enrolled in the School of Pharmacy.  However, some $1,000 scholarships are used to assist in the recruitment of outstanding students into the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences Early Entry program.  For Early Entry students, these awards will continue for as long as they retain Early Entry status, i.e. seven years.  Early Entry students who receive University Academic Excellence Scholarships will no longer receive that scholarship after eight semesters. Currently ten $1,000 scholarships are available to entering Early Entry students.  In the case of these recruiting scholarships, it is assumed that all students are interested in receiving such awards, and therefore no separate application is required.  One important factor in determining the recipients of these scholarships is the enhancement of diversity within the student body.  Another factor is the comparative ranking of the EE1 composite admissions score.

In order to maintain Early Entry scholarships the student must meet the academic criteria set forth to retain Early Entry status.  Once these scholarships are lost due to less than adequate academic performance, they cannot be reinstated.

The school also awards $1,000 scholarships for the children of faculty, staff, and preceptors of the School of Pharmacy.  Continuation of these scholarships requires obtaining a GPA of 2.5 on the previous year’s required courses.  If this award is canceled due to less than adequate performance, the award will be reinstated once necessary academic performance is again achieved.

The majority of school scholarship dollars are used to reward B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy students for academic performance on required school courses.  Eligibility for these scholarships is determined following completion of each academic year.  These scholarships are basically entitlement scholarships, and one does not need to make formal application for these funds.  Eligibility (EE1-EE3 and PY1-PY4 students) for reward based scholarships is dependent on a minimum GPA of 3.50 on the required courses taken in the year preceding the awarding of such scholarships.  For rising PY4 students, the criterion is a 3.25 GPA. Such scholarships are available to Early-Entry students beginning in their second year and for Regular-Entry students after completion of the PY1 year.  The amount of the scholarship would vary from an initial award of $500/semester to $1,000/semester.  The variation would be based on the continuity of maintaining the aforementioned GPA.  If a student maintains this GPA for a second successive year, the award would be increased to $625/semester, a third year $750/semester, a fourth year $875/semester and $1,000/semester for those students who achieve this GPA in their EE1 year and maintain such an average through their PY3 year.  If a student fails to maintain the GPA required for the award and then after an additional year retains the necessary GPA, the student would again receive a scholarship in the amount of $500 for both the fall and spring semesters.  Pending the availability of funds, additional scholarships ($250/year) will be awarded to students who obtained a 4.0 GPA on required courses during the previous academic year.  In the unlikely event that the amount of scholarship funds available to the school for distribution is less than the amount necessary as determined by these policies, each scholarship awarded will be reduced by the same dollar amount in order to accommodate the deficiency.  Continuation of scholarship support in subsequent years is dependent on the availability of funds, exhibition of professional behavior and civility, and the achievement of the appropriate level of academic performance.

The school will award annual $1,000 scholarships to class presidents, historians, and Student Body officers (5) including conduct council chair for the year in which they serve as officer.