University of Mississippi
Dr. Dale G. Nagle
  • Ph.D. Oregon State University
  • B.S.Ph. Oregon State University
  • Professor of Pharmacognosy
  • Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Nagle’s research focuses on the discovery of new drugs. His program combines natural products chemistry with cutting edge molecular mechanism-targeted bioassay techniques. Dr. Nagle explores the biomedical potential of natural products as new sources of drug leads for the treatment of cancer. He and Dr. Yu-Dong Zhou (National Center for Natural Products Research) have developed new molecular-based bioassays to investigate natural products for their potential to supplement existing chemotherapeutic agents by acting as promoters of tumor differentiation and cell death. Dr. Nagle’s research examines new methods to rapidly detect the presence of potentially useful anticancer agents that target specific biochemical mechanisms involved in the development and spread of tumors.

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