Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

The University of Mississippi

Masters and PhD Students

Current Masters and PhD Student Scholars in the Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

student’s degree(s) and institution(s) also included

Ahmed AlmotairyGraduate
Alia AlShammaniGraduate
Supriya BhideGraduate
Mustafa BookwalaGraduate
Mittal DarjiGraduate
Tasnim FatimaGraduate
Nan JiGraduate
Rahul LalgeGraduate
Sushrut P. MaratheGraduate
Tarul MulayGraduate
Pranav PonksheGraduate
Adwait PradhanGraduate
Sagar SawantGraduate
Gauri Deepak ShadambikarGraduate
Ruchi ThakkarGraduate
Sankar Srinivas AjjarapuGraduate
Mashan Almutairi, B. Pharm. Sc.Graduate
Bjad Khalaf Almutairy, B. PharmGraduate
Marey Almaghrabi, B.S.Graduate
Ajinkya BhagurkarGraduate
Huy DaoGraduate
Karthik Yadav Janga, M PharmGraduate
Venkataraman Kallakunta, M. PharmGraduate
Prit M. Lakhani, M. PharmGraduate
Hyung Kyung LeeGraduate
Abhijeet Maurya, B. S.Graduate Student
Nicole Mendonsa, B. Tech BiotechnologyGraduate
Apoorva PandaGraduate
Akash PatilGraduate
Manjeet Bhagwan Pimparade, B. Pharm.Graduate
Anitha PoliceGraduate
Sandeep SarabuGraduate
Anggrida SaragihGraduate
Vijay Kumar ShankarGraduate
Purnendu Sharma, M PharmacyGraduate
Pranjal TaskarGraduate
Akshaya TatkeGraduate
Priyanka Thipsay, M.S.Graduate
Anh Quoc Vo, M.S.Graduate
Chang-Hee WhangGraduate
Xingyou Ye, M. S.Graduate
Jiaxiang Zhang, BGraduate
Joe Morott