National Center for Natural Products Research

The University of Mississippi

Community Enrichment

greenhouse1resizeIn addition to these commercial and industrial based training programs, the Medicinal Plant Garden is also focused on educating the local community and surrounding areas about the safe and effective ways that medicinal plants can be incorporated into our everyday lives. The garden routinely provides scheduled, guided tours to groups of varying sizes. This is a great way to become familiar with the plants in the living collection and to learn more about their traditional uses.

In addition to the tours, we have participated in lecture series held at the UM Museum and we have also hosted hands-on workshops, in which participants were able to use medicinal plants to make various teas, tinctures, and creams. These were well attended and will become a focus for the garden to grow and develop. We are committed to providing people of all ages with the knowledge they need to safely use medicinal plants and natural products. The garden is dedicated to the growth of its community enrichment and involvement. We believe that we are a wonderful resource that can be utilized to bring together both academia and the common citizen to work towards the preservation and conservation of medicinally important plants.

Garden Volunteer Program

The garden is implementing a new Garden Volunteer program in which individuals can participate in activities, supervised by garden staff, to further their knowledge and understanding of all aspects of plant growth and care. This new program is just beginning, so if you would like to become a Garden Volunteer please call (662) 915-1620.