University of Mississippi
School of Pharmacy

Graduate Programs

The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy offers the Master of Science in pharmaceutical sciences and Doctor of Philosophy in pharmaceutical sciences with emphases in environmental toxicology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, pharmacology and pharmacy administration.

All of these programs offer opportunities to study with nationally and internationally recognized research scientists. The programs prepare students for teaching and research positions in academia, or administrative and research positions in the pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical, food and health care industries, as well as government agencies. If a career in one of these areas is what you're looking for, a graduate degree from the UM School of Pharmacy may be the right prescription for your future.

The University of Mississippi and its School of Pharmacy are recognized as major research institutions. Comprehensive in scope but relatively small in size, both provide excellent opportunities for advanced studies in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our diverse graduate community includes outstanding faculty and students from around the globe, and their cutting-edge research and scholarship reflect tremendous vitality, impact and significance.

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Contact information for graduate programs
Program Chair/Director Graduate Program Coordinator
Environmental Toxicology Dr. Marc Slattery
Phone: 662-915-1053
Dr. Kristine L. Willett
Phone: 662-915-1053
Medicinal Chemistry Dr. Stephen J. Cutler
Phone: 662-915-7101
Dr. John S. Williamson
Phone: 662-915-7142
Pharmaceutics Dr. Michael A. Repka
Phone: 662-915-7341
Dr. Bonnie A. Avery
Phone: 662-915-7341
Pharmacognosy Dr. Daneel Ferreira
Phone: 662-915-7026
Dr. Marc Slattery
Phone: 662-915-1053
Pharmacology Dr. Anthony Verlangieri
Phone: 662-915-7330
Dr. John C. Matthews
Phone: 662-915-7330
Pharmacy Administration Dr. Donna West-Strum
Phone: 662-915-7262
Dr. Donna West-Strum
Phone: 662-915-7262