School of Pharmacy

The University of Mississippi

Important Admission Dates

July 18 PharmCAS goes live
August 19  Early Entry Welcome Weekend
September 1  Regular Entry Preview Day
September 5  Early Decision Application Deadline
September 22 Early Decision Applicant Day
October 6 Regular Entry Applicant Day 1
October 9 Early Entry Applicant Day 1
October 20 Early Decisions reported to PharmCAS
October 30 High School Preview Day
January 15 Special Programs and Scholarship Application Deadline for Early Entry Applicants
January 22 Early Entry Applicant Day 2
February 9 Regular Entry Applicant Day 2
February 19 Early Entry Applicant Day 3
March 1 PharmCAS Deadline
March 5 Regular Entry Preview Day
March 23 Regular Entry Applicant Day 3
April 1  UM Sophomore Advanced Standing Application Deadline
April 27  High School Preview Day