RxSync™ and RxSync Service™ refer to an alternative community pharmacy management practice model that is beneficial for pharmacies, patients, prescribers, and others.


The core of the RxSync Service™ consists of:

  1. The synchronization and scheduling of refills.
  2. Monthly patient monitoring for adherence.
  3. Providing pharmacist consultations to patients or professional recommendations to prescribers when needed.


Synchronization and scheduling make it possible for pharmacists to:

•Be proactive rather than reactive about when prescriptions will be refilled – thus taking control of the pharmacy workflow.

•Efficiently provide monthly medication management that improves compliance and enhances patient loyalty.

•Reduce inventory costs by using just-in-time inventory management for RxSync™ prescriptions.

The RxSync Service™ provides a win-win-win-win ………

Pharmacy Benefits

  • Better control of the dispensing workflow – resulting in greater efficiency and less employee stress.
  • Growth in the practice through promotion of the unique and highly valued RxSync Service™ to patients, caregivers, prescribers, and others.
  • Greater revenue from higher adherence rates and new patients.
  • Lower inventory costs.
  • Greater patient loyalty.

Patient Benefits

  • Assistance with adherence management.
  • Convenience and simplification of prescription management.
  • More personal care and attention with better follow-up for medication problems.
  • Better health outcomes from improved adherence.

Prescriber Benefits

  • Assistance with medication management for their patients.
  • Simplification of the prescription reauthorization process.
  • Better medication records for patient files.

RxSync Service™ is a trade mark ……….

for the service model developed by the Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management (CPMM) at The University of MIssissippi and is based on the business model used by PharmNet, Inc. in Winona, Mississippi. Pharmacies licensed to provide the RxSync Service™ are part of the RxSync Pharmacy ™ Network and have access to shared resources for development and promotion of the service. The CPMM has ongoing research projects to document the value of the RxSync Service™ to pharmacies, patients, prescribers, and payers.

The first year license for the RxSync Service™ includes a copy of the RxSync for Pharmacies™implementation kit and the first year license for use of the RxSync™ trademarks. The implementation kit includes a workbook with detailed information to help with planning and implementing the RxSync Service™ in a community pharmacy and a CD with sample forms and promotional materials that can easily be edited for use in the pharmacy. Pharmacies implementing the service pay a modest annual license fee for the continued use of the trademarks and membership in the RxSync Pharmacy™ Network.

For additional information about RxSync for Pharmacies™ or the RxSync Service™ please contact either

Benjamin F. Banahan, III Ph.D or  Erin R. Holmes, PharmD, Ph.D