School of Pharmacy

The University of Mississippi

Dr. Iffat Parveen

Posted on: October 22nd, 2018 by wltarpy
Research Scientist in the National Center for Natural Products Research
TCRC East 2009


  • Ph. D. – University of Delhi, India   
  • MS      – University of Delhi, India    
  • BS      – University of Delhi, India    

Research Expertise:

  • Gene cloning and expression of proteins, secondary metabolites, Molecular Biology, DNA Barcode, PCR, Dietary Supplements, and Medicinal Plants


My research is focused on identifying and characterizing the enzymes from different secondary metabolite pathways using genomic, molecular and biochemical approaches. These enzymes are mostly the proteins involved in the productions of secondary metabolites of medicinal importance. The major goal of this project is to characterize the novel enzymes and new compounds of therapeutic importance.

My second project is identification and authentication of botanicals using different molecular markers and DNA Barcoding approach. The DNA barcodes or Molecular markers were developed for the rapid identification of medicinal plant species that are used as herb ingredients in popular medicinal herbal formulations and dietary supplements. 

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