Department of BioMolecular Sciences

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Department of BioMolecular Sciences

Fall 2016 Graduate Student and External Speaker Seminar Series
In TCRC 2066 on Tuesdays at 11 am
except as noted by text in red

(Titles will be posted as they become available)



Speaker Title Date
Dr. Tracy Brooks     Welcome back and organizational meeting   August 23
Adam Keasling Molecular Characterization of the Opioid Receptors: Design and Development of Salvinorin A-based Molecular Probes August 30
Vimal Sharma Secondary Metabolites from Mirabilis multiflora September 6
Rhianna Morgan G-quadruplexes as Molecular Targets for Transcriptional Control September 13
Trisha Dhawan Developing Zebrafish as an In vivo Model for Screening of Chemotherapeutic Compounds for Breast Cancer September 20

Dr. Jason Rohde, NIH

Guest Speaker

Host: David Colby


Collaboration-Empowered Discovery at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)


September 27


Veda Gogineni


Phytochemical Investigation of Psychoactive Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders

September 29 THURSDAY


Harshul Batra Binding and regulation of kRAS transcription by transcription factors: a role in pancreatic cancer October 4
Kelsey McPherson Synthesis and Evaluation of Dual-Acting Ligands for Mu Opioid Receptor and Neuropeptide FF October 11

Dr. Timothy Wencewicz, Wash U

Guest Speaker

Host: Cole Stevens


Biosynthesis of Beta-Lactone Natural Products on NRPS Assembly Lines


October 13 THURSDAY


Santu Singha Evaluation of Toxicological Potential of 4-O-Methylhonoiol on Japanese Medaka Embryo-larval Development in a Time- and Concentration-dependent Manner October 18

Dr. Valeria Coscia

Vice President, Research and Development, NORAMCO INC.

Guest Speaker

Host: Christopher McCurdy



Career Overview of Noramco, Inc.



October 25


Mohamed Albadry


Isolation, Structure Elucidation and Synthesis of Natural Products Efficient Tools for Dealing with a Needle in a Haystack

October 27 THURSDAY



Najla Alzaid


Anti-inflammatory Properties of Betulin and its Derivatives


October 28 FRIDAY


Taisen Hao Nucleic Acid Clamp-mediated Transcriptional and Translational Modulation of Oncogenes via the Stabilization of G-quadruplexes November 1
Omer Fantoukh Isolation of Phytoconstituents from Aspalathus linearis for Safety and Quality Assessment November 8

Dr. Sarah Knox, UCSF

Guest Speaker

Host: Josh Sharp


It Takes Nerve: Neuronal Regulation of Epithelial Organ Development and Regeneration

November 10 THURSDAY


Abidah Parveen Phytochemical Investigation of Tinospora Species November 15
Vimal Sharma

“Intranasal Delivery of CDNF Loaded Nanocarriers for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

November 18


No Seminar No Seminar November 22
Surendra Jain Recent Advances in Drug Discovery Models for Tropical Disease: Leishmaniasis and Malaria November 29
Munia Sowaileh Fluorinated Organic Molecules for Medicinal Applications December 6 


Santu Singha


LPS-mediated Parkinson’s Disease in Medaka: Prevention by Magnolia Bark Extract

December 8 


2:30 pm TCRC 1044


Vimal Sharma


Formulation Development for Effective Intranasal Delivery of CDNF Loaded Nanocarriers for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

December 9 


3:00 pm TCRC 1044